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Meet the architects of SOMA Architecture Studio

Sotiria Mavromati architect

Sotiria Mavrommati

The sophisticated perspective of modern well-living made in Greece

Concept architectural projects | Sustainably designed smart buildings with distinctive character | Based in Argos since 2018

Creating beautiful houses that introduce a better way of comfortable modern-day living is our vision. Sotiria Mavrommati, architect, renovation & restoration engineer, leads the dedicated, highly skilled team of SOMA Architecture Studio made of craftsmen, artisans, and engineers with longtime experience, who loves to combine elegance with simplicity and rediscover beauty within everyday life.

What we do

Having as a constant source of inspiration our Mediterranean aesthetic background as derived from our origin from the Peloponnisos peninsula in Southern Greece, we constantly put our imagination and home-building expertise into the paper to create cozy, ambient, yet technology-driven, contemporary townhouses, private villas, and resorts. Our goal is to transform actual accommodation into an intellectual and body connection with the environment, and promote a well-living concept of freedom for all senses; a blend of history, and vision, and a motive for new experiences respectful of our rich cultural and natural heritage.

What we offer

Planning is art. We have created an integrated design process starting from our early communication for the acquisition of the project, to the architectural plan and landscape design adjustment, the supervision throughout all the stages of the construction, or the finalization of the interior and exterior furnishing and equipment, ensuring higher performance, timeline accuracy, and cost-effectiveness. 

How we do it

Architecture is a part of nature. Combining landscape areas with built spaces based on a pure interior & exterior of materials obtained from nature in raw form or the least refined form, a palette consisting of earthy colors found in nature, and pure sunlight, is our way to allow residents to live in constant relation with the environment, enjoying a space that imparts the essence of nature itself.  

Why with us

Keeping it balanced is key to harmony; Finding the perfect combination between minimal modern aesthetics and optimum functional arrangement of spaces to make everything work effortlessly for the resident’s benefit while being primarily sustainable to provide necessary resources to the users and reduce the impact on the environment on a larger scale. Working with the highest level of professionalism, versatility to apply innovative solutions, great attention to the waste generated during the construction to keep it at a minimum level, and eagerness to create a more beautiful and prosperous way of living with a timeless identity, we see every project as a new adventure of memories and style.

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