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Redefining comfortable modern-day living through beautiful & sustainable houses is our day-to-day passion. To transform actual accommodation into an intellectual and body connection with the environment, and promote a well-living concept of freedom for all senses. A blend of history, and vision. A motive for new experiences respectful of the cultural and natural heritage of each location.

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An Award-winning year


From one generation to another. This modern old 3-story house with an attic bedroom and an amazing veranda view of the fortress of Palamidi, came to light after a full renovation approach, revealing a new dimension of its existence that was patiently hidden for so many years.

With meticulous attention to detail, we carefully curated every aspect of this renovation to create a space that exudes sophistication and invites a sense of serenity. The warm tones and soft lighting create a soothing ambiance, allowing guests to unwind and embrace the indulgence of self-care.

Prepare to be awestruck by the grand transformation of our very own offices. What was once a dilapidated space, both inside and out, has now emerged as a vivid portrayal to visionary design and boundless innovation.


(100㎡ apartment)

We had my parents’ apartment renovated by Sotiria in 2020 and we could not have been happier. She was in charge of everything. She designed the makeover, coordinated the various local craftsmen, supervised their deliverables, navigated the Greek bureaucracy, and all this
while transforming an early 80’s apartment to a dreamy
2020 3-bedroom.

(350㎡ villa)

Sotiria was very professional from our first meeting and won us over with her great behavior and expertise regarding our recent house renovation. She designed every specific room exactly into our needs and always tried to give us the best possible solution that came in mind by explaining to us every small detail that we could never think of ourselves. I could not recommend her enough as she made our dreams come true and we could not thank her enough for that.

(140㎡ apartment)

We chose Sotiria to take over the renovation of our house located in the center of Athens. Since our first meeting, we were amazed by her professionalism. We were really happy to see that all our concerns regarding the construction and tight time frames available, were eased by her recommendations and creativity. Sotiria put her experience to work in order to fulfill our needs and proved to be invaluable in all stages of the project. Definitely charismatic, Sotiria is a highly recommended professional to cooperate.

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